Hardinge Cataract QC Lathe restoration
Just wanted to post a couple pictures of my lathes. The second picture is of the Hardinge Cataract QC lathe Ser#039 which was my first purchase. This lathe is usable however does still need some work in the crossslide area. The first and third pictures are of a newer lathe Ser #086 that I am presently restoring. Below my signature block is a link to my Blog on the restoration of this lathe. According to literature out there and anecdotal evidence there were approx 300 of these lathes made. At this time we have a directory of approx 30 lathes that are still in existence and I am in contact with about 20 owners of these lathes. We are always on the lookout for anybody else who may own one of these lathes or know somebody who does. I would really appreciate hearing from you if you own one of these and are not in contact with already or know somebody who owns one please see if they are in contact with me. If not you can either PM me or send me an email at haroldmulder(at)hotmail.com.
Thanks and enjoy the pictures.
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Your Cataract is a full 70 years older than my KLV-H and loaded with personality, it must be a lot of fun to use. What issues does it have with the cross slide?

I love the vintage machinery. Some day when I have more room and more time I'd love to add a few vintage machines to my shop.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

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Nice looking lathe Harold, I like the collet turn table. I might just have to borrow that idea.

Thanks for posting the pics, please keep us updated on your progress.

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Beautiful. Still kicking myself for passing on a Barnes treadle lathe just down the road from me. The collet holder, great place for tool holders too.

Here's a little drill press to go along with your lathes, been for sale for a few weeks now.


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Tom G
The issue with the cross slide is that when I bought it the shaft was in two pieces. I carefully faced and drilled out two holes to peg the parts together and then laid a small tig bead at the connection. Even with everything securely mounted and not heating it to much the shaft is not perfectly straight. It must be out a little since is binds slightly and is stiff to turn. It might work itself out however once I get the second lathe up an running I plan to look at making a new crossslide shaft and nut. Even with this issue it is usable just not smooth as silk.
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