Firewood processor
One of my projects that I will build this year is a firewood processor. The goal is to be able to process logs up to 650mm in diameter. The problem with most processors that will handle that size log is they are too slow on smaller logs. The size of cylinder needed to quickly split that size quickly enough for my desired cycle time is a waste of time and energy on smaller logs.

The processor will be as automatically controlled as I can make it and still keep it a real practical machine. The splitting wedge will be a 12 split design raised an lowered automatically based on the diameter of the round being cut. On any logs under 250mm I want a cycle time under four seconds. That is why the multiple ram splitter.

I have a Deutz 144hp diesel to power everything. The motor for the hydraulic saw is that same motor used on the big harvesters. I have most of the parts to build the machine except for the structural steel and a few of the hydraulic cylinders.

I have made a simple animation to demonstrate how the four ram splitter will function.

This build will be a walk in the park compared to some of the things I have built in the past.

video on youtube of the animation:
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Another animation with the saw.
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