DTI holder for lathe
Hi Lads 
             Just made a small gadget that will make life easier, its a dedicated holder for a DTI that fits on the lathe toolpost. Nothing fancy but seems to work fine.
  Its just a bit of square bar that fits into the quick change holder, I drilled and tapped it M6 at three points along the side and also on the end.
  To space out the DTI so it clears the holder I had some stand off type bolts, its the sort of thing that is used to mount a circuit board or panel so its stood up off the base, all they are is a tall nut with a stud sticking out one end. I had 4 of these they just happened to be perfect size to space out the DTI and the last one acted as a nut to nip the lug on the DTI, to make it easier to get a hold of when tightening I screwed a M6 plastic knob into the nut.
  I think all should be explained by the photos.
 Mounted in this position its good for bar or the edge of a small disc type item , if you have a larger disc you run out of travel with the cross slide but you can then mount the DTI in the rear nut, in practice you will probably have to remove the front nut so it will give clearance for the DTI.
[Image: Koenders%20windpump%20059.jpg]
 If its mounted on the end position its able to indicate the face of a disc.
[Image: Koenders%20windpump%20060.jpg]
[Image: Koenders%20windpump%20061.jpg]
 I actually drilled three holes just as it was set up but I don't think there is any need for the middle one.
[Image: Koenders%20windpump%20062.jpg]
[Image: Koenders%20windpump%20063.jpg]
 Its very quick to use , nice and solid with no faffing about with mag stands and all you need to make one is a bit of bar and 4 of the stand off nuts, then drill and tap 4 holes. If you wanted a smarter looking one or just wanted to make it into a bigger job , you could turn the spacer nuts and knurl the end etc.
  Cheers Mick.
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Quite a clever design, very neat. Thumbsup 

Just thought I would mention I can see some little bits of swarf on the top of the quick change tool post Big Grin  Big Grin   Big Grin  (I'm only jealous) Smile 
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You inspired me.
While I was waiting for varnish to dry today we whittled this out.
[Image: IMG_1626.jpg]
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Nice job Mick
Great to see that chuck in place
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well dune mick
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 Hi Lads, thanks for the comments , the general idea was not mine, I just wanted it so you did not have to take it out the holder to reverse it etc, Steamer on Madmodders added to the idea saying make it possible put a finger type DTI on the end so it can also indicate inside holes Worthy  Good idea !
  Dave the lathe had just had a dam good clean as it was covered with cast from the backplate getting trued up after John had kindly machined it and did the threads ( as seen on TV) lol, Cheers once again John Thumbsup  ..................how did I miss the swarf on the tool post 17428   sorry mate ......it will never happen again Slaphead 
 So easy to make Greg , you will be wondering what all the messing about with mag bases was all about eh

 Cheers Mick.
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