Pot metal pulley repair
I got an email a while back from a guy who had a small bandsaw and the pulley was broke and he needed another one made. So he sent it to me and i didn't have the right size aluminum without turning a big chunk of billet so i proceded to fix his. I chucked it up and cut some of the broken ribs from the center. Then i turned a blank from 4" round that i have on hand and bolted it to the broken pulley. Oh and i had to smooth out some of the hammer dents with my pointy cutter...Bob

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Bob Wright
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Salem Ohio
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You continue to amaze me. Keep the posts coming. They really help to encourage those of us that are less talented. Smiley-signs021

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That pulley looks like it is probably 3X stronger now than it was originally. Cool
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A really neat job Smiley-signs107

Nicely done and shown Smile
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