Air Tool Rack
Evening Lads  Big Grin

Not allot happening in the shop at the moment as I am going round doing all the small jobs that need sorting .One is a rack to store my air tools ,at the moment 
they are in a bucket and generally lying around the shop getting in my way . The rack and other racks to come will be made from odd lengths of box  all exactly the right lengths . Chin

[Image: P1080730_zpstwiibdte.jpg]

The 40 x 40 box was setup on the mill like so to get it parallel to the ways . 
[Image: P1080744_zpsftgjk45h.jpg]
[Image: P1080745_zpszyg7pah2.jpg]

Then using my Australian milling cutter  7 slots were milled .

[Image: P1080736_zpsusgelr6p.jpg]
[Image: P1080733_zpszjvbdbsa.jpg]

Then the box was rotated 90 degs  and 7 holes poked into the side with a 20mm slot drill .

[Image: P1080746_zpsugpogn0k.jpg]
[Image: P1080750_zpsgi7tnt8o.jpg]

The reason for using box section is to stop foreign objects dust/grinding crap etc getting into the open PCL fitting .I also wanted a positive grip on the fitting ,me 
being a bit of a klotz at times I did not want the to be easily knocked out . Test with a few air tools hanging like bats from a rafter .

[Image: P1080753_zps9cyedds4.jpg]
[Image: P1080758_zpsxx7hbreu.jpg]

A bit 3mm plate was cut and welded to make ends/brackets with my new welding gear , had the gear nearly 6 months now and its the first time I have used it .

[Image: P1080759_zpsnovwds6l.jpg]
[Image: P1080760_zpsyosbsvwy.jpg]
[Image: P1080766_zps03nzmj47.jpg]

Made two one for each shop , a bit of a clean up and a coat of paint tomorrow . 

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Oh my!  I am SO going to steal that idea Rob!  Thumbsup 

That sure beats the notched wimpy aluminum/aluminium/ally-oomanum angle versions you see everywhere.
And just thinking about the drawer space in the tool box that will open up....  Drool 
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Me too. I need one of those in the Garage. Thank You for posting it. Very nice.

"Billy G"
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Me three! Currently I have them all stuffed into an opening in the front of my toolbox.
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a job well dune rob Thumbsup
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Great idea Rob, I'll be honest, I know I'll never get to building one and just keep searching for them.
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Very neat Thumbsup  6799
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I had planned on the slotted approach that Willie mentioned. Not any more though, I like your method much better.
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Cheers Lads   Smile

Well I slapped some paint onto them today .

[Image: P1080777_zpskdvp3pao.jpg]

Here we are all done and screwed to the ceiling ,one in each shop .

[Image: P1080780_zpsganjjbam.jpg]
[Image: P1080781_zpsouf7tin2.jpg]

I should have made three  Slaphead

Cheers Rob 

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