Machine tool bench stands
Hi Lads, I have been trying to get a few more things sorted out in the workshop, mainly making a stand for a Thiel die filer and a Meddings bench drill, I was about to start from scratch but was given an old metal bench so chopped that up to make the die filer stand and made the drill stand from scratch.
  Here are a few photos of the process.
  The donated metal bench
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20001.jpg]
Chopped up, then welded up in its new form, the only bits left over are next to the new bench.
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20002.jpg]
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20007.jpg]
The floor in the workshop is all over the place so I wanted adjustable legs to level things up, I welded big nuts into the legs then used a bolt with lock nut as the levellers. A couple were tight after welding so having no tap the right size I cut some slots into a spare bolt and it cleared the threads.
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20008.jpg]
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20009.jpg]
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20014.jpg]
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20010.jpg]
I had a spare Thiel badge so decided to add that to the frame, as a finishing touch lol, I cut a bit of pipe and made a addition the shape of the lowe half of the badge , its on the bench behind the badge
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20023.jpg]
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20026.jpg]

Now onto the drill stand, I wanted it to have a couple of shelves for storage, same sort of thing but made from scratch. Its got the same system for levelling legs.
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20012.jpg]

I found 4 old cast iron castor wheels and decided to put two wheels at the rear of each frame just off the ground so if the machine was tilted back a touch it would rest on the castor wheels and be able to be moved about if needed. I cut and plated the ends of some box section to house the wheels then welded these to the frames
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20020.jpg]

[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20021.jpg]

[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20028.jpg]
A coat of primer, I started brushing and rollering it on but ended up getting the spray gun out.
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20029.jpg]
Then a coat or two of John Doubleboosts favorite colour Machine Green RAL 6011 lol
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20030.jpg]
Then inch thick ply for the tops and shelves and the machines bolted to the tops
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20032.jpg]
[Image: Frames%20plus%20photo%20booth%20033.jpg]
 Another job ticked off the list but plenty more to go.
  Cheers Mick.
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Lookin good Mick!
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Great workmanship as usual Mick. Thumbsup

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Nicely done Mick. Like the castors.
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Nice work Mick.
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Looking very nice!  Good work and looking at your welding/layout table reminds me that I have some shop work to finish this Spring.

Great job.  Thumbsup
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Very nice
Pity about the colour
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Very nice Mick Thumbsup  Smiley-signs107 
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well dun mick
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