Log Splitter
(05-20-2015, 08:55 AM)f350ca Wrote: As Steve said they're available just not common. The neighbour has a tractor mounted one that splits in both directions. Its long and has a plate at either end. Would be quick if you had two people available to keep feeding it, but the split wood would pile up at your feet.

Yep..that's reason I built mine with a fixed wedge. My brother has a MTD brand splitter with the wedge attached to the ram and the beam rotates so you can split vertical. Big logs can be rolled into place and not have to lift them. It killed my back working bent over that way. With mine i just make sure anything i cut, i can lift. My wife is usually with me so she always lets me know if I've gone off the deep end and have cut too big a diameter trees. She loads while I cut.
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