Shop Press - safe load?
Ah, OK Vinny - I'm not sure I'll ever max out with 20 tons, but having it there if I needed it would be good! It opens up punch and die work, and forming heavy-gauge bends etc, plus things like pressing in/out bearings, fork yoke steerers at the low end of the range without struggling...

Greg, that may be a good move, but I need reasons to justify the HT oven... I lucked into a car bootful of insulating and hard firebrick and couldn't leave it for landfill, after an oil-drum foundry furnace (waiting on mechanic mate to drop the drum off!) I have enough for the HT oven left over, already bought the Kanthal elements, SSR, ceramic terminal blocks, thermocouple, looking on the EvilBay for a PID controller, but they seem to quintuple in price if you want timer/ramp/soak functions :(
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