Upgraded my storage system
(01-01-2016, 11:47 AM)Black Forest Wrote: How hard are the units to roll when fully loaded?  How much weight will each shelf carry?  A very interesting solution for tight spaces.  I would have to design some sort of push button atomic remote system.

Great fabrication of the red stuff!

The units roll reasonably easily, although I haven't got most of them fully loaded. The wheels are simple steel discs of about 200mm diameter and 20mm thickness with a largish single-row ball bearing, running on a flat steel rail. I made sure the rails were level within 1mm to ensure they rolled as easily as possible. It's really only the middle 4 units that I need to move at all and I can move them all at once without difficulty, although if a smaller person were wanting to do so they would probably need to move them one by one. My wife's new workplace has a much newer version of the same thing and it has a crank handle on each unit to move them, I assume by a system of cables and pulleys. Must have a look at it next time I drop in there. Might be fun to copy it.

I don't know what the load rating is for the shelves, the heaviest thing I've got on any of them at present is probably about 40kg. They're held in by little clips that would be the limiting factor, although they could be replaced by 1/4" screws if necessary.

And thanks for the compliments!
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