Belt Sander 2000x50 / 72"x2"
Hi Al 

Quote:You can always cast extra wheels, if the double-loop puts too much wear on the contact wheels.

All I will need to do is turn the worn out rubber off the wheel , re mount wheel in mould , fill mould with rubber , jobs a good one  Big Grin  , I work in an industry that uses Urethane wheels /tyres  a lot on concrete and they are very robust lasting years . 

And to get a true profile ( 180 degrees ) for a tube notch  of say a 1 inch tube the belt does need some assistance .  Then there is the time it takes to cut the notch , say 30s to 60s  not long , so I reckon I will get a fair few notches out of a set of guide wheels . 

Quote: bought all the bits & pieces (almost said "bits & Bobs, but don't want to offend any Roberts), and have the main frame built.

Rotfl Rotfl  not offencive in the least  Big Grin

Surface grinding attachment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, interesting  Chin

Quote:Keep us posted on the urethane casting. I'd be extremely interested in knowing more about that.

Will do  Smile

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Rob - this is where the smart-arse in me points out that you could have cast aluminium wheels (for those of you in the US - the second "i" only appears if it is cast correctly) if you hadn't sold your furnace Big Grin
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Hi Darren  Rotfl

This is where the smart -arse   in me flips you the bird Big Grin  , 

The thing is mate there are only two wheels the same size ,so I would need a pattern for each probably 8 different sizes in total   ,I only need one set , so it would be quicker to just turn them from sold and miss out the pattern making and casting , yes if I did not have bar stock or were to need say 5 of each ,then fair dinkum .  

Cheers Rob
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(01-23-2016, 03:43 AM)RobWilson. Wrote: Surface grinding attachment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, interesting  Chin

Yeah, doubly so since I don't have a surface grinder. :)
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