Helical gear centering setup on a universal mill
Not much use for this tip if you don't have a universal mill ..

This pertains to helical gear cutting. It's very simple, set up the mill as if you were cutting a plain spur gear. The divider is using its tee-slot nubs, we want it centered over the feed screw, which is centered over the pivot point, which is in line with the spindle...

Now swivel the table to whatever angle. All Done! Smile

Most guys do it backwards, swiveling the table then trying to center the cutter.
Don't do that.

Another tip from an old book!
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Once again, great info and thanks for posting it. I had to go and look at my mill to make sure I was understanding it right, it seemed too simple. Hopefully one of these days I'll get time to give this a shot.
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