Square wrench for shaper
Hello. I have been using my Ammco 7" shaper a lot lately, but I have been using a regular open end wrench for the 5/16"square tool-post bolt (and clapper adjuster). I don't like the feel of it, so decided to make a homemade one out of 3/4"x1/4" cold rolled. I don't know if it will last, but so far it does the job and feels more solid.
A punch was made from a short piece of 5/16 tool steel:

[Image: grindPunch.jpg?dl=0]

Wow that tool steel is tough. This piece isn't pretty, but I think it will do the job.

[Image: goodEnough.jpg?dl=0]

A 5/16" hole was drilled for the pilot

[Image: before.jpg?dl=0]

Sorry, I can't show this, because I don't have an oxy/acetylene torch, and didn't have the camera at the time, but the bar stock was heated red hot, and the tool steel was pushed through (2 heating's) with a vise and the larger wrench on the other side for clearance. This was then hammered to return some flatness to the part. The steel was then quenched in oil. A small amount of filing was required to make it fit nice. Some grinding and flapper wheel and its all done. It's a little loose on the toolpost bolt and a little tight on the clapper bolt. Makes sense because the tool post bolt is worn more that the clapper bolt.

[Image: after.jpg?dl=0]

That's it.
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Bravo on forging the hole!
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