Shaper Keyway Cutter for Pulley
This is a keyway cutter I had to make up to allow a internal keyway to be cut with the 7" Aamco.
I guess it all starts with the bit:

[Image: groundBit.jpg?dl=0]

After trying to cut the small bit on the bench grinder, I decided to use the grinder I use for my tig tungstens (with a different disk of course). These disks are diamond coated and cheap from ebay. I think they were around $4 each. The grinder was $20. The drawback is the center hole must be enlarged to fit the arbor.  This setup works great for tig electrodes. It also did a good job with the bit. There are rubber feet under the frame.

[Image: toolGrinder.jpg?dl=0]

Start bit groove:

[Image: startShaftBitCut.jpg?dl=0]

Finish bit groove:

[Image: finishBitCut.jpg?dl=0]

Drill shaft body:

[Image: drillShaftBody.jpg?dl=0]

Ream shaft body to final size:

[Image: reamshaftBody.jpg?dl=0]

Tap 2 holes for shaft set screws (made adjustable for future use). I used the lathe for this to keep the screws on the same plane. The chuck was turned by hand. It worked great. It is good to have a lathe:)

[Image: tapShaftBody.jpg?dl=0]

Plane off shaft body to make welding the square shank easier. A feeler gauge was used as a shim to make the part cut flat as this was critical:

[Image: grooveShaftHolder.jpg?dl=0]

The bit holding shaft was planed as well for the set screws:

[Image: planeShaft.jpg?dl=0]

Here's the parts ready for welding:

[Image: partsForAssy.jpg?dl=0]

Tack it before welding:

[Image: tackWeld.jpg?dl=0]

The parts were welded completely and the square hole needed some filing to clean it up to fit the bit. On the shaper in the setup position:

[Image: KeywayCuttingSetup.jpg?dl=0]

That's all.

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Incredible work Mark.
Those cutters are art work, beautiful job grinding them.
Its a nice feeling when you make your own tooling.
If you got that vice with the shaper for $150 you really SUCK.
The clapper looks like it can be locked down, did you for the internal keyway? The shaper i have now has that feature, seams to make a big difference.
Once again, nice work.
Free advice is worth exactly what you payed for it.
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Yea f350ca, I got the original vise and 2 smaller ones (Shar) too with it for $125. Yes there is a set screw to lock the clapper and I did use it. Sometimes the right deal comes along and you end up sucking....but what can you do?

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If you don't mind I would like to know how you fix the cutter in the shaft? Do you have an end bolt pressing against the cutter? What I don't understand is why you didn't just drill a hole and use a file to square it up to fit the cutter. It just seems like a lot of extra work to use the shaper to cut the slot and then weld on an end cap. Or am I misunderstanding what you did?
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Hello Black Forest. I was thinking of doing what you said, but then I thought it would keep the bit tighter in the groove if I machined it instead. I didn't want to bellmouth the hole too much with filing, because I'm terrible at filing a flat surface. The filing was done just to clean up the weld on 2 corners of each side. The bit is held by a set screw in the center of the shaft. You can't see it from the side view. You can just make it out in the pre-welded parts pic.

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Nicely done Mark Smiley-signs107  Great pics Thumbsup
 a child of the 60's and 50's and a bit of the 40's Smile
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