Pressure Washer
(05-03-2016, 10:16 PM)f350ca Wrote: Still need some sort of cage or shelf to hold a detergent bottle.

Thanks for watching.

I just put one of these on my mill to hold a coolant tank. (The rack - not the hand soap.)   Big Grin

1/4" rod and a small strip of flat stock. Probably a 20 minute job for you Greg.


And what's with the large wrenches hanging over the door? Is that the new "Home Alone" security system?   Big Grin
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Thats pretty much what I was thinking Willie. Like the band of flat bar for the top, much easier to make, was thinking all rod.
Haven't caught anyone with the wrenches yet. Story on them, I always borrowed them from Tom the old guy that had the garage in the village. Don't need them very often, was getting them one day and mentioned I should buy a set. Hell what for they're here when you need them was his answer. Short time after he died so had to get a set. Found them on sale cheap, good Chinese quality. Went to an auction a couple of weeks latter, watched a set missing one size sell for almost twice what I paid.
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