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(09-04-2017, 03:27 PM)randyc Wrote: LOVE to see photos of the Ruger !  

I finally got around to getting into the safe Randy. Better late than never I hope?   Blush
Since you seem to be a Ruger fan  Big Grin  I included a couple more for comparison/scale. My Single-Six w/factory .22 mag conversion cylinder, and a MK III Target (bull barrel). I did a fair amount of my own handiwork on the MK III to get it just the way I wanted it. Completely deburred the inside of the frame, replaced the sights, grip panels, trigger, sear, eliminated the magazine disconnect and the loaded chamber indicator. Has a light trigger pull now with a crisp reset, and the magazines drop free. The first time my wife shot it she declared it now belonged to her.    Bash


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Nice, nice, nice, that Old Army just makes me drool, I might need one of those !!  It looks so much nicer than in the ads, what a brute !

I also have the .22 mag cylinder for the Single Six and it's a lot of fun to shoot but pretty costly.  I read somewhere that the .22 Mag bullet diameter is a skosh smaller (or larger ?) than .22 LR.  A quick ten second squint on the internet comes up with disputing assertions, LOL.  At any rate, the Single Six is just about the most outright FUN firearm that I've ever owned !  It's the only handgun I own with a professional trigger job + target sights.

This is the Ruger LCR mentioned in a previous post.  Mine is in .38 +P and I don't know how anyone can tolerate the .357 Mag version !  This has the Crimson Trace laser sight and I've never tried the stock Ruger grip which is said to be very recoil-effective.


You're right, I'm a Ruger-kind-of-guy and your Mark III bull barrel is exactly what I was looking for in a target .22 (which the Single Six is not, despite nice trigger and sights).  But, completely  by accident, I encountered this little High Standard for $75 (mid 'eighties price).  It has a tendency to smokestack occasionally but dang if it isn't a tack-driver - definitely most accurate handgun I've ever owned and the cheapest !  I've always loved the shape of the barrel and the front sight - the grip is very accommodating too.


But just to show that I'm not prejudiced, this is my Grandfather's 1928 S & W .32-20, the next most fun thing to the Single Six.  Cheap to shoot although because the case is bottle-necked (and very thin) it's common to lose a case out of every hundred.  Last time Starline did a run of .32-20 brass, I bought 500 and those will last longer than I will !  The S & W has a set of pseudo-ivory grips which look pretty cool with the nickel plating but also a little ostentatious at the range.

The revolver doesn't look as nice as the photo makes it out, there are dings and the plating is worn from the muzzle as a result of holstering.  Grand-dad was a deputy in East Tennessee and he was a lefty; I have his left-handed holster.  This seems an odd thing to me since, up until fairly recent years, I don't recall ever seeing a left-handed holster on a law person.  (Maybe I'm wrong, the memory is not very trustworthy.)


And last but by no means least, 1953 Colt Government Model, the photo doesn't do it justice, finish is like a mirror !  I have two .45 Colts, the other being a 1918 M1911 (not 1911A1) currently on load to a friend.


Thanks for those photos and especially the Old Army, I truly admire the looks of that thing, it's a monster !
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Forgot to mention:  it's AWESOME that you have all of the original paperwork, manual and containers  Worthy
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(09-06-2017, 05:37 PM)randyc Wrote:  I read somewhere that the .22 Mag bullet diameter is a skosh smaller (or larger ?) than .22 LR.

It's true. The bore diameters for the .22 WMR are indeed slightly larger but not by much.
SAAMI specs:

22 LR
Bore: 0.217 in (5.51 mm)
Groove: 0.222 in (5.64 mm)

22 WMR
Bore: 0.219 in (5.56 mm)
Groove: 0.224 in (5.69 mm)

The only trouble with the Single Six is that the barrel has to be sized for the magnum bullets of course. Which means that when you are shooting .22LR ammo the smaller bullets are sort of rattling around a bit going through the larger bore. That's the reason they aren't tack drivers as you pointed out.

You run into the same problem using .22LR conversions in standard AR-15 barrels. The .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO bullets are .224" diameter so if you are shooting .222" LR bullets through the bore.... again accuracy isn't that great. I have a Colt H-Bar that came with a Colt factory .22 conversion unit. It works, but it's nothing to crow about. I set about building myself a dedicated .22LR AR-15 some time ago. There is a thread here somewhere about when I machined the lower receiver for it. When it came down to the barrel though I used one with the proper bore and twist rate for the .22LR. It puts them where you point them I can tell you that.

Hang on to that High Standard. They don't make them like that anymore. Would love to have (at least) one myself!   Thumbsup

I would have to say my favorite 1911 is my Kimber Super Match that is simply an extension of my hand. It fits so well it's like a part of me. This is the custom shop 25 yard test fire target that came in the case with the gun.

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I briefly owned a compact, stainless steel Kimber - strictly an impulse purchase since I already had the two Colts.  I don't recall the model but it had dual recoil springs to accommodate the stubby length (sort of a pain to field-strip).  It also came with that factory target but the holes were <ahem> not as friendly with one another as yours obviously are !

I never fired it and returned it to the store a week later in exchange for the LCR and a new Marlin .45-70 Guide Gun.  That Kimber was a real beauty and as finely constructed as anything that I've seen.  I've wanted a Kimber .22 rifle for years but I don't shoot much any more; I've gradually developed motor-movement tremors so the target shooting days are over, LOL.  Skeet is still OK, fortunately :)

Thanks for clearing up the .223/.224 confusion for me  Smiley-eatdrink004
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