Magnetic Swarf Pickup Tool
So I ended up with half a dozen largish neodymium magnets (approx 4omm diam x 20 thick) that I salvaged from scrap equipment at work.
Strong enough that they command respect and I can't physically pull an individual one straight off a piece of plate by hand (only by sliding it off the side).

Looking around for a use for them (other than practical jokes), I came across this youtube video on how to make a swarf pickup tool from a magnet and some bits of PVC pipe:

Since bigger is usually better, I made mine about 1m long so I can poke it down between the lathe and the wall. Also means I can stand up and drag it around on the floor to get those bits out of the corners that are hard to get with the broom.
Simply poke it around in the swarf, hold it over the bin and pull the inner tube out a bit to drop the chips.  Works great!!

Glue the magnet in the inner pipe:

Put a cap on the outer pipe and add a flange to stop the swarf following the magnet up the pipe as you pull the inner out.

Couple of quick tests to make sure it works. Happily picks up swarf but strong enough to grab small offcuts too:

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Pretty slick idea.

Thanks for posting that.

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I made one a few years back. Not as pretty as yours but it works just the same and much cheaper than the crap Hare & Forbes sells!
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If only I could find an aluminum magnet...
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Cool! Thumbsup
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