lathe stand with leveling system.
This is my lathe and stand, 280 x 700 Impala (Optimum Maschinen). The stand I threw away and made my own with built in levelling. The stand is made from 50mm heavy wall tubing I had lying around, some new RHS, some 50mm x 8mm flat and some 65mm x 8mm angle I also bought. 

Made in two sections, the bottom section of which is loxined to the floor. It has a drawer at top and two shelves under, the top of which holds chucks, faceplate, change gears and steadies, while the bottom shelf just holds steel stock, the drawer holds, micrometers, verniers, reamers, centre drills and so on. The coolant system is housed behind the stand. Pictures to come.
The top section is of 65mm angle and has a small shelf at front under the chip tray for odds and sods. It's affixed to the the lower section by way of four 12mm x 1.25 bolts welded to the underneath. Leveling is by way of these four bolts. I tried the adjustment out before settling on this system, very happy with the results - 5 minutes tops to level, much quicker than fiddling around with shims. Managed to get it level within .02mm on first leveling effort. Probably a bit flukish but I didn't mess with it after that.

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