Boring a tapered hole
(01-03-2018, 11:22 PM)Vinny Wrote: FBH, does that have something to do with a Big Hammer?  If so, I always called it a BFH.  Rolls off the tongue easier.

BMFH has been my go to tool.   Big Grin
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(01-19-2018, 06:58 PM)pepi Wrote: Throwing this against the wall.

How about a Heim Joint, no taper required.

I think you need to be a bit more specific.  Cut off the steering arm and add on the Heim Joint then have a straight pin instead of a tapered one?  One of the strongest mechanical connections one can find is a taper against a taper.
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Though that was obvious, close in or fill the hole, drill a straight thru hole. The welding would need to be done in steps, so as to not cause heat shift or distortion to the part

Heim joint and jam nut will screw in the end of the tie rod or drag link.

Heim Joints  are a common replacements/upgrades of the tie rod end, I'm talking about a 3/4in Heim joint here.

The tapper keeps the shaft of the tie rod from rotating as the castle nut is secured.

Heim Join allows the use a grade 8 nut and bolt for that . Also, is easy to replace and alien steering geometry .

This gives you the idea

Magazines have issues, everything else has problems

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Overall a good plan, but I'd make one change.  Instead of filling the hole with weld I'd drill or bore it so you could install a bushing and weld it in place. Finish the ID after welding.  This would reduce the amount of embrittlement (sp?) and warping.
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