Recumbent bike.
I thought any cyclists among you might be interested in my latest build, a recumbent cycle. The main frame is made of 30x1.5nn RHS and 35x19mm RHS for the rear forks. Headstock is three piece: 35x2mm RHS with 40mm round stock welded both ends and turned down to take bearing cups. The front forks will be replaced as soon as I can find a 20" fork with disk brake mounts. Shimano Deore components are used throughout except for the hydraulic disk brakes witch are Tektro. I had to cut out a section from the right side fork and weld a shaped piece in it's stead for chain clearance. Handle bars and stem are one piece and mated to the headstock tube via a clamp made of a larger piece of tube, slit through it's length and with a threaded bush welded one side and through hole bush on the other.

The seat is 3mm aluminiumbent and twisted to shape, yet to be covered with yoga mat. The back support post is welded up sections of RHS to approximate the shape of my back. To get the shape right, I sat on the ground with a back support and got the wife to follow my back shape with a sharpie, then transferred that to the bench and cut ant welded pieces to approximate the curves.

Chain idlers are turned from Delrin with 26x8m bearings either side. I think there is around 21/2 chains for the drivetrain.

I still have a little work to do: seat padding, paint, rear rack and side stand. As it is it rides nicely and is extremely comfortable, so much so, I may not need padding on the seat.

Previously I've built three trikes, this will be my third two wheeler.

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