Fly cutter project!!!
the fun starts when he goes to face off a piece of steel and them little blue hot as H#$l curls start flying all over the place, never forget my first go round with a fly cutter.

nice job on the cutter, don't hang the bit out too far
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Thanks guys for the comments but that was a first test with grinding this cutter and I did not think it would turn out that good just with the rough grind on the cutter. I did notice the grind was a little off but was at the mill so I tried it with good results but a better grind on the tool is needed to get a mirror finish which I was after. The grinding wheel I am using was new rejects at the machine shop that I picked up years ago and forgot to put the right one on for this job. So back to the grinding machine to get it better. I do have some ideas for different fly cutters so when I get some time I will try it out, but this one was a simple one to make for a start.
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