I did get to the range today, and was pleased with the improvement, but recognize that I have some additional room for improvement.

I tried out Federal Premium Match.

Groups shrank to about 1.25 -- mostly in the 1" range with the occasional flyer.

I've discovered that on my buddy's loaner optic (a Bushnell) the reticle is more than 1/2 moa! Just like machining, you can only be as precise as your measuring/aming tools.
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The ranges are open here, but I just can't do it. Target shooting and shivering don't go well together. Big Grin

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The sight I chose was highly recommended on RimfireCentral. It's a Mueller 8x32x44 with a target reticle and 1/2 MOA adjustments.

I also procured an inch/lb reading 1/4" drive torque wrench, which was previously missing from my wrench drawer.

I'll get it mounted and shoot next week and see how things go.
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