drum door
I visited Menards again and found one at a much better price.  Got it yesterday during their 11% rebate sale.  Not insulated, but I should be able to use some rigid foam board on it while its closed.  I'll embed some magnets to hold it in place.  Just make a removable panel for it and set it aside before I open it.  It's steel so I don't need to worry about welding sparks as the door will be right next to my welding area.

It's not as well built as I'd like, but since I'll be the only one using it the door will not be raised & lowered in a rough manner.  It will certainly be far better than the double door I cobbled together when I first built the shop.  Had to build a door frame without the benefit of the proper router setup.  It worked, but I was never really happy with it.
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