Delta Gasses
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I needed to swap out some Oxy/Acet tanks today and discovered I have another local supplier that I was unaware of.
I refuse to deal with the crooks at Cee Kay Supply anymore with their ridiculous prices and piss poor attitude/service you get.

I called the closest Airgas facility to me and was quoted $88.66 for the gas. ("MC" Acet and a 20 cu/ft Oxy bottle.) This is about half of what "C-K" probably would have charged.

I had never heard of Delta Gasses before but they turned up on a Google search so I called them and was quoted $47.09 for both bottles including sales tax and Haz-Mat fees.   Jawdrop

I drove out there this morning and was in and out in 10 minutes, with 2 full tanks. Very friendly staff, no attitude, no lectures and no playing "20 questions". Simply told them what I needed, paid for it, and picked up the filled tanks. Easy - the way it OUGHT to be! I will definitely be using them from now on!   Thumbsup
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