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The planets must be in perfect alignment because I have encountered a second company in as many weeks that deserves credit where credit is due. I ordered a 2 lb. bottle of Sodium Bisulfate thru Amazon to do some pickling (metal). EcoClean was the third party seller but the item was "fulfilled by Amazon".

Amazon shipped it through their own carrier TBA (Transport by Amazon). They promptly sent it to the wrong location. I got an email from Amazon saying it got sent to "the wrong shipping partner" and it may be lost.  Bash

Two weeks go by and I finally emailed the "seller" (Eco) and told them I still haven't received the item and that Amazon apparently lost it in transit. I asked that they ship me the item directly or issue me a full refund - their choice. I got an email back from them apologizing for the trouble, and they said Amazon has been loosing a LOT of their packages/product. They said they would issue a full refund and to just keep the bottle for the inconvenience if it does show up eventually. The refund showed up a couple of days later.

A week after that I got a phone call from the company asking me if the product ever showed up, and I said no - it hasn't. The woman on the phone said well I am shipping you another one TODAY and.....  I stopped her and told her she didn't need to do that since they had already refunded the money to me - but I appreciated the offer. She sounded confused about the situation but said thank you and we hung up.

Today (another week later) I got a UPS shipment notice for a 3 lb. package coming from EcoClean. Apparently they decided they were going to ship me another bottle even though they already gave me my money back. I went back to Amazon and looked up their seller ratings. Every single one of their "negative" reviews was due to AMAZON failing to deliver their products. I also noticed that EcoClean has removed their 2 lb. bottle of Sodium Bisulfate from their Amazon listing. You can only order 25 or 50 lb. containers via Amazon now.

It's nice (although rare now days) to see a company trying to right for their customers.   Smiley-signs107
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