Miller Maxstar 210 STR
My trusty (until now) Miller Maxstar 200 apparently had finally reached its expiration date. The cooling fan blade had exploded with the resulting shrapnel, becoming imbedded into a circuit board, the repair cost exceeded the value of the 15+yr old inverter welder. so it was replaced with a new Miller Maxstar 210 STR, basically an upgraded model of the old welder. A 210 amp DC stick inverter welder, that’s 120-480 vac single phase or 208-230/480 vac 3 phase welder, with Auto-link, that weighs about 33#. Hopefully this will be as durable as the old one, the life of a welder in a service van, is rough, large temperature swings, bouncy ride and dirty boiler rooms, has to take is toll.
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