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I bought a 50mm (2 inch) face mill, R-8 arbor and 4 carbide inserts (package set) from these folks (weareelectronic) on ebay. $29.99 & free shipping. Yeah, yeah.... I know, but figured it would be good enough for roughing and saving my better cutters some wear and tear. The seller is actually in China but they ship from inside the US. The description said item location was in California, but mine shipped from New Jersey.  Chin

When it arrived I opened up the package to find the 4 carbide inserts thrown loosely into the tube with the face mill body. So naturally what happens when you ship loose inserts in a plastic tube with a 2 inch round piece of steel?


I sent them an ebay message and the above picture describing what I found, and asked if they would send me some replacement inserts. Instead they mailed me another complete face mill package the very next day. So now I have 2 of them. And yes they were packaged the very same way - and yes the inserts are (mildly) chipped again but not near as bad. All I could do is laugh it off.

The point being these people were quick to email me with shipping information, tracking information, follow-up messages, and customer service from day one. They are on the ball, so credit where credit is due.  Smiley-signs107  

I can easily buy some more (higher quality) carbide inserts for these tools, and then have two different grades set up and ready to go.
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