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Hi Tom,
Yes I did see those and I did laugh. Although I must admit that I find it easier to get the magnets out by using a torx screwdriver!

I, like several others, were only banned on the weekend. That is why I was glad to see you over here, as I had been following the Stevens build.
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(06-19-2012, 05:59 PM)EdAK Wrote: Wow, very nice canon Tom! I like the patina the canon has acquired.


That's nothing Ed, You should see the "Patina" I've aquired over the last thirty years, Jawdrop

It seems Flesh and bone is much more prone to "patina" than Metal and Wood.

Best Regards

PS, I do like a Cannon, especially a perty one like yours, It would be interesting to see how well the Hard drive resisted that. but watch out, one day the machines may fight backOuch
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