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Due to the current import/export regulations and restrictions in both the USA and China it is highly unlikely that would be possible. Those restrictions include things like software and technical information that governments do not want shared freely. Some time ago I was asked to send some firearms RELATED items (not actual firearms nor ammunition) to someone in Australia and I could not do it because of export laws in this country and carrier terms of service and policies. Every single common carrier and the US postal service refused to accept the items for shipment from an individual citizen. Because they were simply RELATED to firearms they were considered "dangerous goods". Penalties here are severe for violations.

Thanks for your warning,sir.But,i will not try to build this gun . I just interested in that history,and want to know  knowledge about.I found legal in my country,they didn't say its illegal.I just want to know more about the geometry theory in the blueprint.Maybe ,i could buy the blueprint though the internet.
By this way,government will not do anything to our business
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