sorting me head out
hi all as per when i did this me camera was flat so the pics are after the event right when i got the lathe i striped it dawn to give it a good clean but i dropped a boo boo the lathe head Du's not sit on the v ways it sits on the flat i did not no haw much me head was out of aliment until i made and fitted me new compound slide i needed a test bar to re set me head aliment its a different type of bare than the one used to aline your tale stock it needs to have a Morse taper on to fit in to the taper on your lathe in my case it needed to be a MT3 any way they had one at work so i borrowed it i needed to undo the 4 fixing nuts and adjust the head by the means of the 4 grub screws once its all lined up tighten the head back dawn i was on ages as every time i tightened them up it moved any way got it clocked in and did a test bare all is well right pics

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