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hi SOS for the pitcher quality must have bin a bad day for me right i got this chuck of the bay for spears or reaper the comment on it was the chuck is open all the way can not get it to close so any way i won the bid £5.79 with post well he did not have a go with mole grips or the vice to try to get it to work all i did to free it off was give it a smack with a raw hide hammer and it started to work so as per with me its has to cum a part no pics of this bit but removed the bottom ring by removing the screw then i put a screwdriver in the slot and this widened the ring to remove it then put the bottom of the chuck in me 4 jaw chuck with sum copper shim to protect the bode then with me oil filter removing strap slackened off the top of the chuck then removed it to work on it at the bench it all just unscrews on the bottom part of the chuck thee is ball Bering's be very cerfull on removing this bit as you don't want to be loosing any of them a part from sum rust witch i think was the problem all was OK i cleaned the bearings in lamp oil IE paraffin then put them in a bag for safe keeping then cleaned the rest of the chuck up i re pact the Bering's using graphite grease then reassembled the remainder with Chane loob but not on the jaws them selves right pics

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Hi Bob , nice repair , it looks like quality chuck did you find any makers name on it ?
Cheers Mick.
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Glad you didn't lose any of your balls Big Grin
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