Online learning resources, videos & pictures.
I posted this to PM today; great video channels and other resources for learning.

I find all these channels useful and interesting:

** Abom
** Tom's Techniques
** Welding Tips & Tricks
** Kevin Potter
** OxToolCo
* Keith Rucker
** Shadon HKW
** Mattias Kristiansson

Keith Fenner - YouTube
Super Shaker 5 - YouTube

I would add many more with hosting other than YouTube, all with pictures and videos:

Frank Ford
Home Shop Tech -
Home Shop Machine and Metalworking Articles
Handy Shop Tips for Everyone

Ray Behner
Ray Behner (rbehner)

John Oder

I'll add more after I go through my links.

Discussion forums:

Hardinge Horizontal Milling Machines

Bridgeport milling machines (and any others of interest).

Hardinge Lathe Group page

LeBlond lathes

This is an excellent student textbook for elementary machining:

"Machining and CNC Technology"
by Michael Fitzpatrick
McGraw-Hill 2005
Used copies from $55.00, well worth the investment.
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You've amassed a nice collection of links and there are even a few in there that I haven't seen before. Thanks for posting them and welcome aboard! You may want to visit the introduction thread and tell us a bit about yourself. Be forewarned though, we love pics!

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(01-03-2014, 08:22 AM)TomG Wrote: You've amassed a nice collection of links and there are even a few in there that I haven't seen before.

Hello Tom:

Here is one more link with a lot of "how-to" images, many saved from PM forums, i.e. ideas for bandsaw work holddowns.

Machine Shop

There are tooling and machine pics also plus a collection of metalworking/machining/blacksmithing bookmarks that might be useful;
I update this from time to time.

I will also post links to more educational YouTube machining channels as I find them; like yours, they are all very important for extending one's knowledge and skills! The folks that create them deserve much credit!

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