Gearbox Dismantle Lagun 14 x 40 Republic Lathe
When I started thinking about tearing into this job, I could not find any info on the net whatsoever, no manuals no parts drawings no videos.

This video is my attempt to put at least something out there. I realize that this video is not well done, but quite literally better than nothing.

I've learnt a lot from watching other guys making videos, guys like John DoubleBoost Worthy for example, but have a long way to go yet.

if you do take the time to watch, please subscribe, comment, like to the video.

Lagun Republic Gearbox Rebuild part1

Lagun Republic Gearbox Rebuild part 2

Lagun Republic Gearbox Rebuild part 2.5

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Saskatchewan, Canada

Atlas 10x36
Lagun Republic 14x40
Cincinnati H Mill
Linde Mig
Miller Arc

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