help sizing designing realization jib crane for parallel lathe

hi, I should build a jib crane boom to lean on a reinforced concrete pillar to lift heavy mechanical parts to be installed on a parallel lathe to be machined
the dimensions are height under hook 3 meters, boom length 3 meters reach 500 kg
I would like to make it in suitable steel beams (what section to use?). how to make the revolving bearing hinge that binds the pillar upright to the boom with hoisting hoist you have ideas to suggest thanks

[Image: 2ewh7bs.jpg]

[Image: gru.jpg.1a0006b1c687ea7b62350c915fcf5e7d.jpg]

[Image: braco-giratorio-trolley-talha-D_NQ_NP_60...017-F.webp]
[Image: braco-giratorio-trolley-talha-D_NQ_NP_98...017-F.webp]

[Image: braco-giratorio-trolley-talha-D_NQ_NP_68...017-F.webp]
[Image: braco-giratorio-trolley-talha-D_NQ_NP_76...017-F.webp]
[Image: braco-giratorio-trolley-talha-D_NQ_NP_60...017-F.webp][Image: gru_gi11.jpg]
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What you are attempting to do is going to require some fairly complex engineering calculations to ensure that it is safe to use. Just looking at your pics, it appears that the pivot is already under designed to bear the force the beam will put on it. Better get some qualified help at your end before continuing.

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I agree with Tom.
Your planning on some serious loads and distances.
If thats the pivot and the I beam is 8 inch (guessing from the photo) you'd have about 16,000 pounds load on those pivots.
Doesn't look like enough material there to carry that.
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