How to Mill a Pocket on the Vertical Milling Machine
(06-25-2012, 11:25 AM)TOM REED Wrote: This is the project I want to build and would like to make my own locking pins for the DI chuck 3 of them and would just like to be able to say I built the whole thing pins locks etc without welding, and a small radius in the corner of the pocket would be fine. tom


You should be able to mill those. Mill as much of the pocket as you can with a larger end mill then pick the corners out with a smaller diameter, long end mill. I would recommend plunge cutting most of the material out before side milling to keep from breaking the long end mill. This is a good application for carbide because of it's rigidity but you would need to be careful because it's is also very brittle.

I would also suggest making the pins out of O1 so you can easily harden them.

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I'd drill the 4 corners with a bit large enough to eat up the radius of the D-I square then drill just shy of the square and finish the sides with an end mill. A little 3/4 hole at each corner isn't gonna affect the torquing of the studs with the key. As a matter of fact it's like a "flank drive" Thumbsup
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