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Full Version: Tooling Cabinets - restoration
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Hi Lads , got a bit more done with the cabinets. Number 3 cabinet has castors fitted, also been stripped and dents knocked out and filled etc, this was the best condition cabinet but some how seemed to take just as long to do as the other two. I had a major job sweeping dust etc up and getting the loose bits of paint debris blown out/ vacuumed out of the cabinets so there will be a chance of half decent finish without lots of bits in the paint.

Anyway here are the three lined up all dusted off , blown out with the air line and ready for primer, the draws are balanced on top of them but can not really be painted in place or balanced on the units in any way so will do them on the floor.

[Image: Cabinetsprimed001.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsprimed002.jpg]

So far so good, all primed inside and out, including the draws. Its not ideal doing all three like this space wise but too much hassle to do them one or two at a time then do it all over again. The draws will have to be laid out better for top coat, the other round thing is an unbreller stand that was looking rusty so hit that with primer too and will do it black with the shelves.

[Image: Cabinetsprimed004.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsprimed003.jpg]

Hopefully after a slight sand tomorrow they will be getting top coat on.

Cheers Mick.
Looking very nice
Once you get the Grey top coat on they will be mint YikesYikes
Look great but why not have the locking rods you made in there to get painted as well? Will they (along with the handles) get chrome plated or painted a different color?
Hi Pixman, good question there. The main reason is I would rather do the cabinets without the handles on the cabinets mainly so its easier to get constant finish on the paint without risks of dry spots or a run. The rods can not be held in place without the handles either. The other reason is the rods are all almost the same but slight differences in length and bends so I have laid them out in sets with matching handles, to have primed them yesterday would have meant somehow suspending them and not getting them mixed up, too much room took up with the cabinets so decided I will do them with spray can silver one pair at a time once the cabinets are done.

Cheers Mick
brill mick
Are you kitting out a shed or a show room Mick? Big Grin
Very nice work, looking forward to seeing them finished!


Your doing a cracking job Mick ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I no myself and John will be over the moon with a grey cabinet each ,but you may want to paint Bobs Blue though Big Grin


PS, I take it my paw prints did not show up RotflRotflRotfl
(08-19-2014, 12:39 PM)RobWilson. Wrote: [ -> ]Your doing a cracking job Mick ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I no myself and John will be over the moon with a grey cabinet each ,but you may want to paint Bobs Blue though Big Grin


PS, I take it my paw prints did not show up RotflRotflRotfl

He told me they have been painted CREEN YikesYikesYikesYikes
Well the top coat is on.......John will be gutted but its Machine Green not grey Yikes , I have most shelves , cupboards and quite a few things this green in the workshop so am sticking to it, except for a few machines that should be grey like the Harrison lathe, anyway the world is too grey in general so green is more cheerful and classy :thumbup:

One thing with the green is its a nightmare to get a photo showing what the colour actually looks like, I dont think any of these shots are spot on colour wise and these are the best of the bunch.

All cabinets , lightly sanded, wheels masked off and the floor swept then wet to try to keep the dust down.

[Image: Cabinetsgreen001.jpg]

I was getting pushed for space really as I was close to the next cabinet when spraying so had to be carefull where I was and also the air line and I use a lamp to shine on the area as the light not too good for spraying, The draws were also a bit dodgy for balance and getting knocked so it was just a case of be careful and keep to the system of working around the items. This is the first light coat of green.

[Image: Cabinetsgreen002.jpg]

Looking a bit more green after two coats.

[Image: Cabinetsgreen003.jpg]

This is them after three coats and the draws have dried enough to be carefully balanced back into the cabinets, I had a 5 litre tin of paint and its used 4 litres to do the three cabinets ! , spraying the insides and draws seems to eat the paint but at least they won't rust. The other shots are of the corners that were musroomed over and damaged. Overall they have came out fine , not as good as you would like if it was your classic car pride and joy but they are green and shiny.

[Image: Cabinetsgreen007.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsgreen011.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsgreen012.jpg]

I have sprayed the door locking rods silver and got them fitted along with the draw handles , locks etc. I have to work out the best way to do the shelves now , I think I might spray the shelf frames and drill / cut the old wood shelf incerts to fit collets etc then if they work well, I will make some new wood ones. The other thing they need is new plywood tops.

The phtotos here are more like the colour but still not right really they are actually somewhere in between the last shots above and these more bright ones in reality. Things always look better with a few parts put back on too.

[Image: Cabinetsgreen021.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsgreen024.jpg]

I like the tall cabinet with the external top draws the best as it has a more classic look about it, it would make a nice drinks cabinet for Doubleboost to keep his red wine and Brown ale in !
Rob if I snuff it I will leave the cabinets to the lads so you can paint them what ever colours you like and just be thankful you will only have to lghtly scotchbright them off then paint Smile,
I panelwiped them off before the green paint as I thought there might have been a large R.W daubed on in Mcdonalds burger grease Rotfl

Cheers Mick.
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