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Full Version: What someone else made for me today
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Ordered a travel trailer from a company out in British Columbia. They have no dealers, you order direct from the factory, they have base models then customize it to what ever you want. There was two or three pages of options or they'll install anything you want.
They send photos of it being built. Got these today.
Will be finished on the 20th.
Pick it up in June and heading to the arctic on an epic road trip. Tuktoyaktuk NWT is the final destination. Google maps says the round trip is 15,000 km.

[Image: Gu91Vt29hfbrIdsFL36vlqL7F4uAv_rE-G5RxVWP...24-h768-no]

[Image: sIpGbe6P4ZI72_ocuHOcqBYPPiWclegz-qsn6oB4...76-h768-no]
You sure that's going to be enough insulation? Big Grin
They had the option of a layer of spray foam and double pain windows, but Im a fair weather camper, if its that cold Im staying by the wood stove. lol
Sounds like the mother of a former colleague in Mississippi.  The last car she bought was a 1949 Studebaker and a heater was an option which she declined as she believed if it was cold enough to operate a heater it was too cold to go outside the house. Rotfl
It's always fun when someone else makes something for you. Thumbsup

Looks a lot like my old Trillium.
Todays update. 

The interior is being installed.

[Image: TJazOqdscmbL22rrElKHZWZ-bOWfhXvTlDWCfVmU...76-h768-no]

[Image: ZQqi5b3voP1h798vEaxgutyYPU4h-mTqpolNFUKv...76-h768-no]

[Image: -Me_sqmuhszhmkd9oatSZh0LSoxSRxZlbUxlhLYL...24-h768-no]
Will it be polar bear proof?
(02-04-2020, 11:25 PM)SLK001 Wrote: [ -> ]Will it be polar bear proof?

Do the polar bears know that the large white things have a delicious creamy center?
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