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Full Version: What someone else made for me today
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I have been wanting to take off and live in my expedition (for a few months) for some time now. This camper looks 10x more comfortable than what I have in mind lol. It's coming along nicely!
Forgot to post the final set of photos they sent. Its finished and waiting for me to pick it up  in June.
[Image: XlWqPttxZdenxXTjYPCMpgyVKaL4IoDu3zGA5DeE...76-h768-no]

[Image: M1lxE9fhUyHxLxz8l_4l_N6suy1TPtUcvTa8wdgY...76-h768-no]

[Image: StC8XKBUvgex2IpvSOKIMFvQ0SC4ZvK-fN1PRiaE...76-h768-no]

[Image: D95IllZE5wTzhIZQ56O_WBfhUzgoZ0uCqSlSxTjK...76-h768-no]

[Image: 2Je-lfZCfLcpKQHKZFVJ8mdw-O6XW8xkP2F0scGD...76-h768-no]

[Image: YUce9t7yZ0dp6p00fnKXMd36eNrvAYkKtCYE8Fq-...76-h768-no]

[Image: SHylChNAURy25g7vRJpOHHq63weNnjtNL1LTCK8I...24-h768-no]
That's very nice. All the comforts of home.
Nice. I put nearly the same vinyl flooring in mine when I rebuilt it.

Tip I learned from a tiny camper forum: use Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish (formerly Future floor polish) on the outside. Keeps the high gloss finish, and protects it quite well. Recommendation is 2-3 coats initially, and then once a year to clean and recoat.

Tip2: buy some tire covers and use them every time it's parked. That way you'll get maximum life out of the tires. Otherwise, you will either have to clean/treat them all the time or they will start cracking prematurely.
Thanks, will look at waxing it. Will make space for it in the shed to keep it out of the elements.
The Trilium I rebuilt got to live in there, even blocked it to get the tires off the ground over the winter.
Soon to be home for at least two months.
Awesome! Thumbsup

Do you have your route figured out yet? I assume it won't be a simple out and back.

Have two destinations, Chilliwack to pick up the trailer and Tuktoyaktuk. The route between may vary. lol
Very nice little camper. Such a hot commodity in today’s world.
Friends bought a 19 foot Escape (same manufacturer) 5 or 6 years ago. They sold it this spring for what they paid for it. Covid seams to have affected peoples senses.

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