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Full Version: Kaleidoscope
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Bill Gruby

Although this is made from wood I hope to spark some imagination into your metal working. Or maybe you will try it in wood.

I made this Kaleidoscope for my wife 17 years ago for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. There is no finish on this peice. I sanded it to 1500 grit paper. It took longer to get the shine than it did to fabricate it.

Hope you like it.

"Billy G"
That's gorgeous Bill! It looks like many,many hours of work. Worthy

Bill Gruby

Thank you Steve, it took 7 months. I never counted the hours.

"Billy G"
Excellent piece of work Bill, you must have gained quite a few "Points" for that one. Lol
Very nice Bill! It looks like you used a few different types of wood in making it. Nice shine.

Beautiful work Bill, I can see it taking months to get that finish
Bill, can you tell us the wood species used?

Bill Gruby

Only two, American Cherry and Maple. You get the effect on the barrel by turning each segment 90 degrees. I picked eack segment from 5 seperate boards. There is no metal there either. It is held together by threaded dowels. Each of those knobs is also threaded.

"Billy G"Big Grin
Thanks, i thought it could be cherry and maple. Nice work.
Beautiful Thumbsup Worthy
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