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Full Version: 626 milling machine converted to CNC
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Hi Lads

I am in the process of converting my 626 milling machine to CNC Big Grin
[Image: normal_P1020084.JPG]

Work done so far ,,

Picked up a couple of 8mm pitch/20mm timing pulley's tother day for the Z axis .
[Image: normal_P1040930.jpg]

Part machined up the mounting block for the Y axis nut to see how much room i had left to fit the Z lead screw pulley .
[Image: normal_P1040919.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040920.jpg]
mmmmmmm there is no room to fit the pulley SlapheadRotflRotflRotflRotflRotflRotflRotfl
[Image: normal_P1040927.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040928.jpg]
I can turn the nut 90 deg that would give me another 7 mm to play with . Wont look as nice Slaphead
[Image: normal_P1040929.jpg]
I was never impressed with the section of casting that houses the Z axis bearings , and there was not allot i could do with it as it is to fit the new bearings ect ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so i removed the offending lump Popcorn
[Image: normal_P1040924.jpg]
No going back RotflRotflRotflRotflRotflRotfl
[Image: normal_P1040931.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040933.jpg]

Oh boy, I can see this is going to be an interesting one. Drool


Great stuff Thumbsup

Well that certainly sorted that out, it will never be in the way again Rotfl

(Save it just in case you need to put it back Popcorn)

In doubt chop it outRotflRotflRotflRotfl
Just as a matter of interest Rob did things move much with the web removed JawdropJawdropJawdrop

Hey Rob - just started reading the prelude on Mad Modder. So far it is looking good and I am looking forward to reading the rest. I really should visit that site more often.

Too bad I didn't know you were up in NCL. I would have dropped in when I was there. I'll look you up next time!


Cheers for looking in Lads Big Grin

I will try and make it interesting Popcorn

The casting did not move when i chopped out that section John Thumbsup

Mayhem ,,,,,,,,,,,,,If your ever in the area feel free to call in Thumbsup



Evening Lads

The two lugs that i had left on the casting will be used to mount the new Z axis bearing support Popcorn
[Image: normal_P1040934.jpg]

Using my HZ arbour vertically allowed me to reach into the casting to machine the lugs . Big Grin
[Image: normal_P1040950.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040937.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040938.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040943.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040953.jpg]
Now i have something to work from :med:
[Image: normal_P1040963.jpg]
[Image: normal_P1040966.jpg]


Now that was very smartly done Worthy Smiley-signs107
Great stuff
Nice and shiney as well
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