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Full Version: Building The Steven's Favorite
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Exquisite work Tom Smiley-signs107ThumbsupWorthy
I checked on blindhogs site but must be blind myself I didn't see the process listed, wonder if he took if off?. Anyway I have a recipe for Niter Bluing that I need to try after I order some Kno3 and MnO2 to do it with.
The menu structure is kind of weird on that site. The bluing section is under refinishing off the home page.

He just uses ordinary garden fertilizer and lye to make the solution.

Homemade Salts

Tom, thanks for posting the link
(01-05-2013, 07:47 PM)dallen Wrote: [ -> ]Tom, thanks for posting the link

X2 on the link Tom, I may well give that a try on clock parts.

All the best Brian.
How are things progressing Tom? Having held it, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished (especially the finish).
I had to do some re-design on the sight and re-make a couple of parts. The ball detent idea didn't work well enough because there wasn't enough space for a spring strong enough to do the job. I've redesigned the base for a leaf spring and need to remake the frame that holds the peep sight. Soon as I get all the details worked out, I'll catch up on the thread.

On another note, the high pressure pump came in so I can get back to the drilling fixtures. Once there's a hole in the barrel, I can shape the outside and make the fore stock so it will look like a proper Favorite.

Thanks Tom, I hope you take a video of drilling the barrel.
I spent a little time in the shop today and got the mounting screws made for the sight and most of the frame re-made with the latest design changes.

The screws were #5-40 oval head machine screws. Nothing to difficult, but I'll post pictures just the same.

The screws were made of O1 and the first step was to turn the major diameter for the #5 screw and form the 100º angle on the head. There are many ways to form the angle but I chose to generate it by setting the compound to 50º and machining it with the point of the turning tool.

[Image: 001_8.JPG]

Short, small diameter threads like this are a pain to single point so I decided to cheat and use a die. Besides, how often do you get to use a #5-40 die? The body of a drill chuck in the tailstock was pushed against the die stock to ensure a square start.

[Image: 002_5.JPG]

Once the thread was cut, the screws were parted off a little long.

[Image: 003_4.JPG]

They were then held in a collet and the crown machined with a form tool.

[Image: 004_5.JPG]

After "crowning" they were held in a collet block and a .032" x .050" slot cut for the screwdriver.

[Image: 006_1.JPG]

[Image: 007_1.JPG]

Next, the base needs a little more modification, the frame needs to be finished and the leaf spring made for the detent. That will pretty much wrap up the sight project.

nice job! you going to line up all the screw slots?
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