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Full Version: Building The Steven's Favorite
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Give it a shot. I'm not sure it's going to take or not. Every file type seems to need what they call a "mime type" and there doesn't appear to be one for .easm files. I added it to the list anyway just to see if it will work.

Ok Ed, it seems to have taken. The format in the post looks a little weird, but the file loads ok.


I'll see if I can remove that .easm at the beginning of the link.


EDIT: no luck getting rid of the .easm. Sadno
Did this thread continue elsewhere or is it on hold?  Really wanted to see the barrel drilling.
Lol, you and me both.

Unfortunately you haven't missed anything, but now that the website is up and running (at least until yesterday Angry), I hope to have the time to get back on the Steven's. Once the barrel is drilled, I can mill the outer contour and fit it to the receiver.

There just aren't enough hours in the day.

A friend of mine bought one of these recently and brought it to me. It show a lot of wear and I didn't know if I could make parts to fit. Your project is a great motivator.

Although I would enjoy seeing how you set up a rifling apparatus, I put forward the following:

To get it firing sooner, Brownell's sells a chambered barrel liner (already rifled) that you can insert into a drilled barrel.

Super workmanship!

Ron C
Thanks Ron.

A barrel blank would be another option, but the goal of the project is not to see how quickly the rifle can be built, but whether I can build the thing totally from scratch.  Thumbsup

There are a lot of Favorites out there, but unfortunately most of them have seen a lot of use and abuse. Good luck getting yours resurrected.

Is this still a project or did it get scrapped? Is been very interesting.
It's still a project, but life and job changes have taken a big bite out of my spare time. Retirement is in the near future, so that will change for the better.

Fricken life. Always getting in the way. Lol
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