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Full Version: Billy G's Die Filer
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Operation is over. She had a Triple Bypass. Doc say she will totally recover given time. I am glad that's over with. She is a stong woman. Thanks guys.

"Billy G"
That's good news Billy. Time for some R&R. Thumbsup

Smiley-signs064  Thumbsup
Woot! Glad to hear it Bill. May her recovery be short and without complications.

Mee Too!
Good Morning everyone.  I have a meeting at the Nursing Home to discuss the move of my wife. She will be there for a short time before coming home. The main this is that she is strong enough to leave the Hospital. All is well here.

OK, last night I had a thought. The table is to plain. So, I think I will "Engine Turn" the entire top. Yes, it's a massive undertaking, but doable. This is what it will look like, no abrasives were used, only lite oil and a 1 inch birch dowel. It's been a long time since I last did this, so it will take a little practice. You only get one shot at it, mistakes are forever.

The plan is to use the pattern in the second picture, the small piece. The "Swirl" is pronounced at the center as it should be.

"Billy G"
You're a more patient man than I.
With this "Story Board" I will know where I am at any given moment. It will ease the pain. That's it for today, Sophie is moving to the Nursing Home for 9 to 14 days of after-care and Therapy. I have to be there also. They will teach me what I need to know when she is finally home. See Ya.

"Billy G"
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