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Full Version: Billy G's Die Filer
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That dimension is correct at .750. The pin diameter is .500, half that diameter added to the .750 (.250+.750= 1.000) gives you the 1.000.

"Billy G"
ok sorry for my misunderstanding
Think Dave is right Bill. if the throw is .75 the stroke will be 1 1/2, you'd have to widen the slot in the yoke to 2 5/8 to get the 2 inch stroke with a 1/2 inch pin.
If you use 1.000 center to center the throw will be too long by half the diameter of the outside pin. The stroke is figured from the center of the drive shaft to the outside of the drive pin. You need 1.000 to get a total 2.000 stroke. !.000 is derived from .750 center to center plus half the pin diameter. If the center of the pin is what hits the yoke you would be correct but it doesn't, the outside diameter of the pin hits the yoke. I used .750 on mine and the stroke is just under 2.000 due to a small drilling error on my part. The slot is 2.125. I hope that is a better explanation?

"Billy G"
the .750 made sense after reading your earlier reply and I took the time to actually think about it other then just saying it should be 1".

Thank you "dallen". I figured you saw it. The last posy was actually for Greg. He questioned it also. The original plan was your way and DaveH caught it. I have to finish the last minute cleaning of the house now. Sophie comes home today.

"Billy G"
Still alive and kicking. Time with the wife and the other Forum, many changes, is eating me up. I will get to this ASAP. It's hard to remember when you are up to your butt in alligators that the original objective was to drain the swamp.

"Billy G"
Good to see you back Billy. Thumbsup

I think we all know the situation don't concern yourself - when you are ready Billy we'll be here. Thumbsup 
How is your wife doing?
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