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Full Version: Billy G's Die Filer
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That is a really great effect. Love it!
"Billy G" , Is that the "work table" of your die filer? (sorry, I'm too lazy to go back through this long and interesting thread Blush )

If so, aren't you afraid that the pieces you'll be filing on it will scratch that beautiful engine turned table ? 17428

Long ago I did an engine turned instrument panel for an Austin Healy Sprite that I had. It was done freehand, so nowhere nearly as precise as your work of art but, with the speedo, gauges and other stuff installed it looked pretty good.

Thanks again for the interesting thread and best wishes to Sophie! Thumbsup



That is a concern but the Anodizer said he would deepen the anodized surface and it would become a minimal problem. The hard anodize can be controlled to depth I am told. If it does scratch I will have done a lot of work for no good reason other that to teach others you won'ty know if you can till you try. That alone is worth all the effort. Time will tell.

More done in the wee hours of the morning. When arriving at the center hole it got tricky in a hurry. The dowel wanted to wander. Patience here is the only way to reach the end result.

"Billy G"
You could always put a sheet of clear perspex over it...
Very nice Billy Thumbsup  Looking good.
Her sister arrived today. We don't see eye to eye on things so I left them alone to talk.

Yipee, we are past the hole. Couple more hours and done. Not all that bad a job for doing it intermittently.

"Billy G"
Smart move and nice work.
I've done engine turning finishes like that in the past, using a wood dowel and lapping compound. It took literally a second or two per "push".

So why aren't you using an abrasive grit or something (Scotcbrite pad) to do it? Just curious.

The old Watchmaker that taught me this skill told me that the other ways left etched swirls not burnished swirls. I have done it with the lapping compounds and grits and prefer this way. Yes, it takes much longer but time is all I have. Actually so9metimes you can't get this way to give the proper finish and have to use alternative methods. Hope this answers that question?

"Billy G"
A few bad swirls later and that's it folks. I missed going back over some lines because I got too tired. Once missed, you own them. All in all it's not bad. The orange in the bottom right quarter is sunlite coming in the window.

"Billy G"
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